Tsvetochnaya Lavka, the bowl bar — Communications

Project: Tsvetochnaya Lavka is the most flowerish bowl bar in Kyiv with healthy food in bowls, cocktails and a real flower shop behind the pink doors.

Challenge: Girls visit this place not just for something yummy. There are always stories heard around! We just had to present them in an extraordinary way.

Solution: We made up Kvitka (ukr. ‘Flower’) – an ironic, smart and cute Kyiv-based girl, who truly loves the bowl bar.

Tsvetochnaya Lavka’s social media pages were turned into the Kvitka’s diary. There, we created the whole collection of funny, unexpected, touching stories of her life.

We also imagined that our Kvitka would adore collages out of magazine clippings, stickers and pictures. Such illustrations became our visualizations of ‘The diary of quite a Flower’.



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