Run Ukraine — The large-scale running league in Ukraine

Mission: Communication and visual stylistics of the running league.

Project: RUN Ukraine are the biggest running events in Ukraine for all comers. It is a large running community, which at least in 2018 brought together 30,000 participants and 2 500 volunteers.

Challenge: Our goal was not only to create communication and visual stylistics of the Running League for the whole year. It was crucial to find a way to motivate thousands of people, who run singly, to take part in the mass races.

Solution: We explored how and what about runners are talking, and traced a common message. It`s a question that begins almost each friends run, when one texts to another: “Let`s run together tomorrow?”. So we united RUN Ukraine movement with the communication “Let’s #runtogether” (“Давай #бігтиразом”). For each run, we added a special motivating, somewhat daring slogan. Visual conception, in turn, has recreated races with the eyes of the runners. We gathered the landmarks of each route and added a sense of unceasing motion. The story of #runtogether continues! As now, runners all over Ukraine share their achievements and impressions under #runtogether hashtag.








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