The Georgian cuisine restaurant MAMA MANANA — Presentation for a franchise

Project: MAMA MANANA is a khachapuri restaurant with Georgian soul. Manana is strict, but fair, loving her guests absolutely and unconditionally.

In three years of existence, MANANA has turned into a network of Georgian restaurants in Kyiv and Kharkiv. But unlimited Manana’s love no more fits in these two cities, so she is going to feed the whole Ukraine with her fantastic meals.

Challenge: It was impossible to wrap mother’s love into boring charts. We had to tell the future franchisees about her capabilities so, that they would not only see the profit, but also smell the aroma of hot khachapuris.

Solution: We chose the amount of information, precisely needed for investors to understand the project from the first meeting, and divided it into clear informative blocks. After that, we filled the entire presentation with MANANA’s love.


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