Expatpro — The law firm

Mission: Logo and visual identity.

Project: Expatpro Law Firm is a leading law firm that specializes in immigration of foreign citizens and companies to Ukraine. In 2018 Expatpro entered the TOP-100 best law firms list according to the professional legal newspaper Yurydychna Gazeta. It’s a brave team of professionals, who have chosen a special mission for themselves: attract as much foreign investments to the Ukrainian economy as possible.

Challenge: We looked for ideas of logo and visual identity without typical for legal field Themis Scales of Justice or Greek columns. Ideas, which would be clear to the rational point of view of foreign investors.

Solution: Solution came together with Katya Ishchenko, who had just finished Logo & Identity System course at MEAT Studies and asked us to take her for an internship. Amazing client, multiplied by the fresh view of the 18-year graduate, plus a little of our support – and we got as rhythmical and accurate logotype and visual identity as Expatpro Law Firm’s actions.






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